Linking Display Advertising and Branding = Successful Ad Campaigns

Date: Jun 14, 2012 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Janet Driscoll Miller, CEO, Search Mojo
Maria Coletta, Trade Desk - Acquisio


Thursday, June 14, 2012 1:00 EDT (10:00 PDT)

You know the old adage – what came first the chicken or the egg? Let’s say, “brand awareness” is the chicken and “search” is the egg. It’s not really important which came first – what matters is that the two go hand in hand.

For advertisers, this means using display advertising to inform search and vice versa. Increase the productivity of your search campaigns by building brand awareness with your display ads.

To do this you need to take advantage of new tools and tactics like real-time bidding, re-targeting display ads and other new advertising technologies.

Join us for this webcast and learn the latest trends in:

  • Real-time bidding
  • Targeted display ads
  • Display advertising technological advancements compared to traditional
  • The use of various page elements

Janet Driscoll Miller is the president and CEO of Search Mojo. With more than twelve years of search engine optimization experience, Janet has spoken at search engine conferences, including Search Marketing Expo, Search Engine Strategies and Pubcon. Janet also has published articles in B2B Magazine, Visibility Magazine and others, and contributes to several blogs and online publications, including Search Marketing Sage and the Search Insider. She has over ten years of technology marketing experience and has held marketing positions at Software AG, Call Technologies, and Telos Corporation. You can follow her on Twitter as @JanetDMiller.

Maria Coletta, Display Subject Matter Expert. She has worked in Internet Marketing for the last 10+ years with extensive experience in Display, Affiliate Marketing, and Contextual Networks. Director of Business Development for a top Contextual Advertising Network, Managing Partner of a Display oriented agency, Marketing Director of an Agency with over 10 media buyers under her management.

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