Call Tracking for Local Search: 5 Tips for Optimizing ROI in Today’s Mobile World – October 7, 2014

Date: Oct 7, 2014 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Greg Sterling, Internet/Mobile Analyst, Search Engine Land
Lisa Raehsler, Founder and Principal Strategist, Big Click Co.

Driven by the proliferation of smartphones and their convenience as a source for information, local searches now drive billions of phone calls to U.S. business each month. True success in local search advertising today requires you to track, score, route, and manage calls the same way you do web conversions. Being able to attribute calls back to the right search keywords and PPC ads is essential to understanding what’s really working and optimizing ROI. But filtering out bad calls and routing callers to the right store or office is also vital to generating more sales from generate calls.

Join search experts Greg Sterling and Lisa Raehsler as they explain how marketers and agencies are using call tracking technology to optimize ROI from local search. They’ll explain how to:

  • See which PPC ads, search keywords, and landing pages generate calls and sales – and which don’t
  • Route good calls to the closest store, office, or agent to maximize sales
  • Stop wasting budget on ads that don’t drive sales, store visits, or appointments
  • Significantly improve your marketing’s ROI from search

Greg Sterling: As a contributing editor Greg writes a personal blog Screenwerk, examining the world of media and local advertising. He also writes about the mobile internet at Internet2Go. His consulting firm, Sterling Market Intelligence, conducts research on the impact of the internet and digital media on offline consumer behavior.

Lisa Raehsler is the founder and principal strategist at Big Click Co., an online advertising company and Google AdWords Partner, specializing in strategy and management of SEM and PPC for search engines, display, retargeting, and social media ad campaigns. Lisa has led strategy on hundreds of PPC accounts and puts her experience into practice every day as a thought leader in integrating clients’ search campaigns across earned, owned, and other paid media.

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