SEO Roadmap for the B2B Marketer

Date: Jun 13, 2012 1:00 EST (10:00PST)

Gord Hotchkiss, CSO, Mediative
Marko Wollschlaeger, Director, Digital Marketing, Optify


B2B marketers need to take a strategic approach to their SEO efforts to achieve optimal and sustainable results. This webinar will give them a roadmap to follow to ensure that their SEO program is well thought out and executed effectively.

This webcast will cover how to:

  • define business goals and search personas
  • conduct keyword research in a strategic manner
  • develop content that aligns with goals and personas
  • follow SEO best practices for content optimization
  • boost rank and traffic through safe link building and promotional strategies
  • measure results and translate findings into actions that improve campaign performance

Who should attend?

Any professional B2B marketer whose job it is to drive traffic and leads from organic search. There is something in the webinar for seasoned SEO veterans, those just learning the ropes and marketing executives who want to understand how SEO can be used strategically to drive traffic and leads. All attendees will get Optify’s SEO roadmap for B2B marketersóan interactive roadmap that will act as a guide to their real world SEO journey, as well as navigating them through an SEO kit containing Optify’s B2B marketer’s roadmap to SEO success.

Sponsored by Optify
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