Measuring Brand Lift With PPC and Google TV Ads: Lenovo Case Study in Online-Offline Attribution

Date: Mar 24, 2011 1:00 EST (10:00PST)

Craig Macdonald, CMO & SVP of Products, Covario
Gary Milner, Global Marketing Director, Lenovo
Lauren Hoover-Gordon, Senior Account Executive, Google TV Ads


Lenovo Corporation is attempting to increase its brand exposure in the US and started doing TV spots in the US leveraging Google TV Ads in December 2010.

The question is — Did it work?

Through a joint effort between Lenovo, Covario, and Google the attribution of brand lift from the Google TV Ads was tracked, modeled and optimized in a highly actionable way. And it is in a format that is comparable to the value of paid search and display i.e., an attribution model that shows the incremental contribution of each media channel.

In this webcast, we’ll learn:

  • What metrics were used?
  • How was the attribution ascertained?
  • How is that information used to drive improved, integrated overall media performance?

Join us to review this case study on how Lenovo is bringing together the analysis of all of their media and improving the overall optimization of their brand — online and offline.

Gary Milner is Global Marketing Director, Digital Marketing at Lenovo. His role at Lenovo encompasses all digital marketing, including search. Prior to Lenovo, Gary held a variety of roles at IBM Corporation, spanning brand management, direct marketing, channel management and business analytics. Gary was awarded the first inaugural award for TV marketing excellence from Google, Inc. in 2008. Also in 2008, he won the Summit Award for bleeding-edge digital media measurement. He is a frequent speaker at media events.

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