Maximize the Synergy of PPC and SEO: How to Manage Paid and Organic Search Together

Date: Jul 14, 2011 1:00 EST (10:00PST)

Tim Waddell, Adobe
Horst Joepen, Searchmetrics


This webcast will look at how marketers can measure, analyze, and optimize both paid and organic search campaigns in a single place, using a common underlying data set.

We’ll look at the relationship between PPC and SEO – how each impacts the other and how marketers can use these synergies to maximize the overall ROI of their campaigns. We’ll also hear about the recent integration of Adobe SearchCenter+ and Searchmetrics, which enables marketers to measure their combined paid and organic search results.

Find out how you can get the most out of your overall SEM campaign by understanding and optimizing the synergies of PPC and SEO.

Attend this webcast and learn:

  • What are the synergies between SEO and PPC
  • How to optimize the ROI of SEM campaigns with a 360° view on SEO and Adwords campaigns
  • How to automate paid bids based on fluctuations in organic rankings

Who should attend: Search advertising marketers and marketing executives looking to maximize the synergy of PPC and SEO.

Tim Waddell is the Director of Product Marketing for Adobe’s Omniture Business Unit, managing the advertising optimization products. His role within Adobe is to deliver solutions which provide marketers the capabilities to understand, manage and optimize cross-channel marketing campaigns. With the data available today, advertisers have the opportunity to create campaigns that reach their target audiences with the right message in the appropriate environment across the wide array of marketing channels. These capabilities will drive conversion, increase retention and ultimately deliver a profitable marketing portfolio.

Tim brings significant experience within the online and traditional marketing disciplines. Prior to Adobe, Tim managed the Bing Marketing Analytics team at Microsoft. He also managed MSN’s commerce team, driving the demand generation program and developed packaging solutions for partners. His online experience began with the launch of Travelocity, managing the advertising and sales efforts. And prior to that, Tim was a Media Supervisor in San Francisco at Goldberg, Moser, O’Niell working on Dreyer’s Ice Cream and began his advertising career at Hal Riney & Partners with the launch of Saturn cars.

Dr. Horst Joepen is responsible for general management and strategy at Searchmetrics. He has a broad background in Internet and software technology and is a successful software entrepreneur in online marketing, CRM and IT security markets. With Searchmetrics he has been pioneering with his team the market for Search Analytics and gained highest attention for their Search Performance Index data around Google algorithm updates – he has been quoted in the world’s leading papers like the New York Times, Le Monde and The Guardian. Dr. Joepen is author of numerous IT publications and frequent speaker on SEO tools and trends at search marketing events.

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