How To Penguin Proof Your Site and Links

Date: Jun 19, 2012 1:00 EST (10:00PST)

Eric Ward, Linkmoses
Jon Ball, Page One Power

Page One Power

As Google continues to adjust and improve its algorithm and page scoring metrics, sites that rely on gimmicks and thin content are paying the price. From Panda to Penguin to whatever is coming next, you can be sure Google’s goal is the same: To identify content and links that cannot be trusted, and to surface highest quality content for searchers.

Many sites need to adjust their content and linking strategies, but aren’t quite sure which direction to go.

Attend this webcast and learn:

  • How Google is adapting and improving its detection capabilities
  • What types of links are most likely to hurt your site
  • What types of links are most likely to help your site
  • How to pursue a linking strategy that will survive and rise over time

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