Get More Bang for Your Buck: Optimize Landing Pages for Better PPC Conversions

Date: Dec 12, 2012 1:00 EST (10:00PST)

Aaron Bart, Director, Creative Services, Covario
Fiona Burgess, Art Director, Covario


In 2011, U.S. advertisers spent more than $32 billion for online advertising — yet average online conversion rates were below 3 percent and bounce rates up to 85 percent. Spending thousands or millions of dollars to drive traffic to your website, only to have a very small percentage of people convert and prospects bounce off the page with no clue why they left, is like throwing money to the wind.

What do most consumers do when they land on your paid search landing pages? Fine-tuning the messaging and monitoring the metrics that answer this question have become the next level of sophistication in search engine marketing. This is where the real opportunity lies. Join Covario as they discuss techniques and actual client experiences and results with multivariate landing page testing that have proven to increase conversion rates from 20 to 60 percent.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to find the right combination of the headline, offers, visuals, layout and messaging to create successful landing pages for long-term campaign success
  • How minor changes to a landing page can have a significant impact on conversion rates
  • How applying the art of landing page optimization and multivariate testing (i.e., assessing the impact of varying headlines, calls-to-action, offers, etc.) is a science.
  • How Google ranks and rewards companies/brands that have the most meaningful keyword, creative and landing page experience.

Sponsored by Covario
This webcast is sponsored by Covario, Inc. Covario is an award-winning, full-service search marketing firm that provides Fortune 500 companies with software and agency service solutions for organic search engine optimization (SEO), social media programs, display advertising and paid search advertising (PPC).