Content Marketing Success with Search and Social Optimization

Date: Nov 1, 2011 1:00 EST (10:00PST)

Maria Pergolino, Marketo


This webcast will cover what retargeting is, what types of creative strategies you can adopt, and how to successfully implement a retargeting campaign.

Create great content and readers will find it, right? Well, maybe not. A solid content marketing strategy goes far beyond the content itself. Today’s marketers must optimize content for both search and social media to ensure big impact.

Learn from Maria Pergolino, Senior Director of Marketing at Marketo, how to develop content to ensure an increase in website traffic and growing presence in social media month after month.

During this webcast we’ll get a rare peek inside the actual campaigns of a content marketer to learn:

  • Best practices to drive the most traffic to your content and obtain the most conversions possible
  • Common content marketing tips and pitfalls to avoid to ensure success in both search engines and social media
  • How to create a content library that keeps prospects returning for more
  • How to create content for every stage of the revenue cycle
  • How to extend your content post-launch, ensuring views for months to come

This webcast will go far beyond best practices, narrowing in on specific campaign results so you can compare your efforts to another organization.

Maria Pergolino works as Senior Director of Marketing at Marketo, where she specializes in demand generation, inbound marketing, and campaign optimization. She has worked in marketing for over ten years, and specifically in online marketing including social media, search marketing, and lead generation and nurturing for the past six. Maria has a Marketing Degree and MBA from the School of Business at Rutgers University, is a Salesforce Certified Administrator, and a speaker at numerous marketing events. She is the author of the most success social media book created specifically for B2B Marketers, The Definitive Guide to B2B Social Media, and has also written for many marketing blogs, including frequent contributions to the MarketingProfs blog and Marketo’s popular blog, Modern B2B Marketing. You can reach Maria on Twitter as @Inboundmarketer.

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