Market Intelligence Report:

Enterprise Social Media Infrastructure Platforms 2013: A Marketer’s Guide

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Learn more about these platforms, which allow enterprises to integrate social media functionality into websites and mobile applications, creating a personalized user experience and providing site owners with greater customer insights.

This report includes

  • Trends in the marketplace for enterprise social media infrastructure platforms (ESMIP)
  • Capabilities of these platforms
  • Questions and guidelines for buyers of ESMIPs
  • Profiles of 9 leading vendors:
    1. 8thBridge
    2. AddThis
    3. Badgeville
    4. Gigya
    5. Janrain
    6. LoginRadius
    7. OneAll
    8. Prooflink
    9. Social Annex

If you’re considering adopting an ESMIP, be sure read this report first!