New! First Edition, May 2017

Market Intelligence Report:

Enterprise Digital Personalization Tools


Editorial Advisors:
David Raab, Principal, Raab Associates, Inc.

Karen Burka, Senior Research Consultant
Jennifer Gregory, Technology Content Marketing Writer

Claire Schoen, Director, Marketing Services Content, Third Door Media



Find out more about the explosion in digital personalization software, plus the latest trends, opportunities and challenges in sdigital personalization.

  • Who are the key players in digital personalization software?
  • What do you need to look for in a digital personalization software solution?
  • How are recent social media and marketing trends affecting the growth in this market?

This report draws from primary and secondary research sources, including interviews with industry leaders:

  • Top-level executives at leading digital personalization software vendors
  • Internet marketers currently using digital personalization software
  • Leading digital personalization experts and practitioners

Who should read this report:

  • Internet marketers and agencies doing their due diligence in selecting a software platform to manage digital personalization for large and enterprise level organizations
  • Analysts and vendors looking for current intelligence about this dynamic marketplace
  • Anyone who needs to be up to speed on the key players and major trends in the market for digital personalization software

What you’ll get:

  • Current trends in digital personalization and digital personalization software
  • Analysis of the capabilities of digital personalization platforms
  • Profiles of 19 leading digital personalization vendors
  • Pricing charts, capabilities comparisons and more

Profiled Vendors

  1. AB Tasty
  2. Adobe Target
  3. Alterian
  4. Certona
  5. Dynamic Yield
  6. Emarsys
  7. Evergage
  8. Get Smart Content
  9. Google Optimize 360
  10. Lytics
  11. Marketo Engagement Platform
  12. Monetate
  13. Omniconvert
  14. Optimizely
  15. Oracle Maxymiser
  16. Personyze
  17. Rich Relevance
  18. Sailthru
  19. Salesforce Marketing Cloud