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BKA Content is an industry-leading content creation company. With both on-page and off-page content solutions, BKA Content is a one-stop shop for clients needing SEO articles, landing pages, product descriptions, branded blog posts, news curation, press releases and much more. Dedicated account managers provide customer support, customized order templates, scalability and a personal touch. Hand-picked teams of American writers ensure quality and consistency with every order. All content is SEO optimized, 100% unique, affordable and is customized to meet the needs of the clients' audience.

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Outsourcing Your Content vs. Hiring an In-House Writing Team

In this white paper, BKA Content discusses the pros and cons of outsourcing your content vs. hiring an in-house writing team. Following that is a detailed breakdown of costs for four separate scenarios. Data for the white paper is drawn … read more »