The Inside Scoop on Automating and Optimizing Your PPC Campaigns

Date: Feb 21, 2012 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

David Rodnitzky, CEO of PPC Associates
Joseph Kerschbaum, Vice President at Clix Marketing


Managing PPC accounts involves spending lots of time doing lots of little things. If you are doing this manually you know you are spending countless hours everyday analyzing stats about the position, conversion and cost of one client’s keywords. Your time is too valuable to do this for every one of your clients. As an agency with multiple clients, it is practically impossible to stay on top of it. It’s time to automate the process so you can understand the true potential of your campaigns.

In this webcast David Rodnitzky the CEO of PPC Associates shares with us his real life experience with campaign automation. He will give us the inside scoop on tactical and global automation, with all the essentials, tips and tricks for successful automated campaigns. Joseph Kerschbaum, Vice President at Clix Marketing will share a real life solution that illustrates some unique and helpful ways that they have significantly optimized their campaigns.

Join us for this webcast and learn:

  • Tactical and global automation – what’s right for you?
  • Automated bid optimization
  • Automated landing page optimization
  • How to move from manual campaigns to an automated environment to optimize your campaigns
  • How to set up bid rules and how to use a bid rule engine to automate bids
  • How a premium e-business service provider uses automation to optimize campaigns performance

David Rodnitzky is CEO and Founder at PPC Associates ( a leading SEM agency managing more than $60 million of annual spend. You can follow him on Twitter @rodnitzky or read the PPC Associates blog at He is also the founder of The Online Lead Generation networking group, an organization with more than 35000 members.`

Joseph Kerschbaum is Vice President of Client Services for PPC advertising agency Clix Marketing. Joseph is a regular speaker at search and advertising conferences (most recently SMX West and SMX Advanced). Joseph was the founding editor of PPC Hero and SEO Boy. His writing on the SEM industry appears regularly in his Search Engine Watch column, and in his columns in Website Magazine and Visibility Magazine. Joseph is coauthor of iPay-Per-Click Advertising: One Hour a Day, published by Wiley/Sybex (2010).

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