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Enterprise Web Analytics Tools 2013: The Marketer's Guide

New update – July 2013

Market Intelligence Report:

Enterprise Web Analytics Tools: The Marketer’s guide

Consulting Editors:

Jim Sterne, Founding President and Chairman, Digital Analytics Association, and Founder, eMetrics Summit

John Lovett, President, Digital Analytics Association and Senior Partner, Web Analytics Demystified

Researcher/Writer: Karen Burka

Editor:  Claire Schoen, Digital Marketing Depot

Learn about the latest trends, opportunities and challenges facing the market for enterprise web analytics:

  • What trends are driving the adoption of enterprise web analytics tools?
  • Who are the leading players in enterprise web analytics?
  • What capabilities do enterprise web analytics tools provide?
  • Does my company need an enterprise web analytics tool?
  • How much do enterprise web analytics tools cost??

This report draws from primary and secondary research sources, including interviews with industry leaders, vendors and their customers.

Who should read this report:

  • Advertisers, brand markers and agencies doing their due diligence in selecting an enterprise web analytics package
  • Analysts and vendors looking for current intelligence about this dynamic marketplace
  • Anyone who needs to be up to speed on the key players and major trends in the market for enterprise web analytics tools

What you’ll get:

  • Updates on the current trends and issues in web analytics
  • Insight into the impact of social media marketing on web analytics
  • Profiles of the seven leading providers of enterprise web analytics tools

Table of Contents:

Section I: Enterprise Web Analytics Market Overview

Section II: Web Analytics Market Trends

Section III: Enterprise Web Analytics Tools Capabilities

Section IV: Choosing an Enterprise Web Analytics Tool

Section V: Vendor Profiles

  1. Adobe Analytics
  2. AT Internet
  3. comScore Digital Analytix Enterprise
  4. Google Analytics Premium
  5. IBM Digital Marketing Optimization Suite
  6. Webtrends