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Social Marketing Optimization Playbook

Webtrends puts you on the path for increasing your social ROI and improving social conversions by giving you unique insights into Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and helping you optimize social and mobile content for the greatest return. Download this white … read more »


10 Ways to Use Your Product Catalog to Maximize Retail PPC Campaigns

Every retailer has a database of products for sale, commonly referred to as a product catalog. Not every retailer, however, is using their product catalog to the fullest extent possible to maximize their retail PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns. Without employing a … read more »


Understanding Multi-Channel Attribution: Best Practices for Attribution Strategy & Modeling

Creating an accurate attribution model is one of the most difficult parts of any search marketer’s job, particularly in light of the proliferation of new media channels and audience fragmentation. There are many questions that are difficult to answer, including: … read more »


Big Data Management

As the outlets for online interaction grow, methods of online marketing also grow — as does the volume of digital data to be managed. Multiple data sets from disparate sources are ushering in an era of “Big Data,” such as … read more »


Selling Display to Search Clients

Because of its impact on Search and consumer engagement, search agencies are starting to include Display Advertising as an offering to their clients. This e-book examines the convergence of Display and Search and how search agencies can leverage both channels … read more »


Six Strategies to Leverage Existing Data to Expand Retail PPC Campaigns

By Joseph Kerschbaum, Clix Marketing This eBook covers many of the strategies that online retailers can implement in order to expand their PPC campaigns by utilizing the data that resides in their Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter and Google Analytics accounts. … read more »


Cross Channel Marketing

With more ways than ever to reach their prospects and customers, and with more messaging possible across an ever-growing number of channels, today’s marketers have their work cut out for them. With so many channels available, consumers often move from … read more »


Social Media and the Future of the Agency

This E-Book explores the impact of social media on agencies, including key challenges and how agencies can capitalize on the resulting opportunities for growth and stronger client relationships. Learn how social media has changed the digital landscape, and how digital … read more »


How to Manage Large Retail PPC Campaigns: Best Practices to Solve Tactical and Organizational Challenges

Large retail organizations face unique challenges in conducting their search engine marketing programs, including managing thousands of products, SKUs and catalog pages in multiple sales environments. Effectively organizing retail PPC keywords, ad groups and campaigns is complex and frequently involves … read more »


Search and Display: Capitalizing on the Retargeting Opportunity

This E-Book discusses the current state of online display advertising, including its growth, its synergies and relationship with PPC, and the new retargeting opportunities. Thanks to investments in new technologies, new ad formats and improved buying and selling processes, online … read more »