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Enterprise Social Media Management Software 2013

Find out more about the explosion in social media management software, plus the latest trends, opportunities and challenges in social media management. read more »


Enterprise Web Analytics Tools 2013: The Marketer’s Guide

Learn about the latest trends, opportunities and challenges facing the market for enterprise web analytics — particularly in light of the explosion in social media marketing and social analytics. read more »


PPC Bid Management Guide

PPC bid management is one of the more complicated areas of PPC marketing, so many advertisers choose to automate the process using either the automated bidding option in Google AdWords or a third-party bid management solution. Each approach has it’s … read more »


Gartner: A Marketing Analytics Framework for CMOs

In order to drive effectiveness and improve efficiency, CMOs require analytical insights to make and execute marketing decisions. In Gartner’s report: A Marketing Analytics Framework for CMOs, you’ll review: – Nine measurements your CMO needs to understand – How to … read more »


Optimization for Remarkable ROI – Four Business Cases

Despite the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, fundamentals remain the same — if you’re not analyzing visitor behavior (from first click, Facebook like, or mobile app download) you can’t improve the customer experience. This white paper illustrates through 4 case … read more »


E-Book: Building an Attribution Model That Works

The use of attribution modeling to improve PPC efficiency has quickly grown in both popularity and sophistication. Yet creating an accurate attribution model is still one of the most difficult parts of any agency’s or marketer’s job, whether you are … read more »


Comparing 3 Conversion Tracking Processes: Selecting the Right Conversion Tracking Methodology

Experienced online marketers know that you can’t measure what you can’t track. And with campaigns that extend across Bing, Google, and other publishers, it’s essential to be able to integrate, track, and optimize various conversion metrics to meet strategic and … read more »